Aristophanes: Wealth

The Greek Art Theatre – Karolos Koun & Municipal Regional  Theatre of Volos – Diagoras Chronopoulos

“God-fearing and just” but poor, Chremylos the farmer is surrounded by unscrupulous, sacrilegious men, corrupt politicians and sycophants intent on enriching themselves in an Athens ravaged by war. In Aristophanes’ final play (338 BC) the only way out lies in a utopia: a world in which Plutus, the demigod of wealth – whom Zeus had blinded in his youth so he could avoid the just, the wise and the honourable when handing out his bounty – is given back his sight!
Diagoras Chronopoulos and the distinguished actors of the Art Theatre, underscore the role of the goddess Penury in this satirical take on the poverty of our times

Translation: Yiannis Varveris
Direction: Diagoras Chronopoulos
Set & Costume Design: Paris Mexis
Music: Christos Leontis
Choreography: Sophia Spyratou
Lighting Design: Lefteris Pavlopoulos
Music Coach: Marina Chronopoulou
Assistant Directors: Thodoris Antoniades, Antzelika Kapsabeli, Evi Kalogiropoulou

Poverty: Katia Gerou
Wealth: Dimitris Lignadis
Chremylus: Alexandros Mylonas
Cario: Mania Papadimitriou
A Just Man: Kostas Kapelonis
Blepsidemus: Kostas Velentzas
Wife of Chremylos: Anastasia Georgopoulou
An Informer: Lefteris Loukadis
An old woman: Vasilis Lemperos
A youth: Alexandros Perros
Hermes: Thodoris Antoniadis
A priest of Zeus: Kostas Velentzas

Kostas Velantzas, Thodoris Antoniadis, Ileanna Balla, Maria Komi-Papagiannakki, Anastasia Georgopoulou, Alexandros Perros, Panagos Ioakeim,  Venia Stamatiadi, Nikos-Orestis Chaniotakis, Orfeas Chatzidimitriou, Thaleia Griva, Paris Thomopoulos, Gerasimos Skafidas

Co-production:  Municipal Regional  Theatre of Volos – Diagoras Chronopoulos

source: greek

13 & 14 August 2010, 21:00 

 Epidaurus Ancient Theatre

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