Aristophanes: The Knights

Theater Diadromi & Municipal Regional Theatre of Agrinio

Vassilis Nikolaidis

In this most difficult summer of 2010, it will be the ancient Greeks’ foremost writer of comedy who commands centre-stage at Epidaurus with his unmatched talent for satire. First in this Aristophanes-fest is Knights (424 BC), a political comedy which decries warmongers and the way they manipulate the people, but also the citizens who undoubtedly share in the blame. Of course, since the rise to power is built on ignorance and dishonesty, the political rivals never tire of shameless demagoguery.

Vassilis Nikolaidis and a cast of popular comedy veterans undertake to redirect the poet’s barbs at the politicians and citizens of our day.

Translation: K. C. Myris
Direction: Vassilis Nikolaidis
Set & Costume Design: Yannis Metzikof
Music: Antigone Tsolaki
Choreography: Christos Papadopoulos
Lighting Design: Nikos Vlassopoulos – Kostas Chlivas
Assistant Director: S. Karayianni
Sausage-Seller (Agoracritus): Pavlos Haikalis
Paphlagonian (Cleon): Yorgos Armenis
Demos: Yiannis Kotsaranis
First Slave: Samson Fytros
Konstantinos Armenis, Thomas Gagas, Foivos Doudonis, Manolis Theodorakis, Iosif Iosifidis, Christos Karnakis, Orestis Karydas, Thymis Koukios, Dimitris Moschos, Savvas Baltzis Viatseslav, Konstantinos Mylonis, Dimitris Papadatos, Prodromos Tosounidis, Alberto Fais

source: greek

2 & 3 July 2010, 21:00

Epidaurus Ancient Theatre

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