April 7th, Hellenic Police implements EU Regulation 2017/458

Subject: airport info

Please be informed that as of April 7th, 2019, the Hellenic Police will implement EU Regulation 2017/458 which requires systematic checks against relevant databases, for all European citizens travelling to/from Non-Schengen destinations.

These controls are conducted in addition to existing measures applied at all border control points of European countries, to all passengers entering or exiting the country to/from Non-Schengen destinations.

In view of the above, increased waiting times might be realized at check points, thus in order to ensure your timely presence at the departure gate, passengers travelling to Non-Schengen destinations are kindly requested to allow for extra time at the passport control for the checks to be conducted by the Hellenic Police.

To accelerate the checks, it is advisable to hold a passport document rather than an id card. 

sourse: https://m.aia.gr/

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