“antanaclasis” Myconos Music Festival
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Jewels of the Classical music”
Michael Guttman, violin
Panayotis Tziotis, violin
Paris Anastasiadis, viola
Isidoros Sideris, cello
Alexandra Nomidou, piano
Michael Guttman, the Belgian violinist, praised by Allan Kozinn of the New York Times for “his incredible wealth of tone colors and his sound of melting beauty”. Guttman not only has an internationally acclaimed career as a violinist, but also has recently taken the position of conductor, collaborating with artists such as Martha Argerich, Boris Berezovsky and Natalia Gutman, and has founded and runs the “Pietrasanta in Concerto” Festival in Tuscany.
Pianist Alexandra Nomidou has appeared many times in the Athens Megaron Concert Hall and in many known concert halls in France, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, Brazil and USA, as a soloist with Orchestras and in chamber music concerts, mainly with “Trio Hellenique”. She has recorded two albums with EMI, with works by Schumann, Schubert, Brahms and Ravel, which received excellent reviews. Since 2005, she has been artistic director of the “Around the piano” concert series, in Athens. She lives and works in Paris.
Works by Mendelssohn, Mahler and Frank
Tickets: 10 euros / children/students: 5 euros

Saturday 1 October, 20:30h

Grypario Cultural Centre

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