Andrejs Grants: Photographs, 1980-2011
The Embassy of the Republic of Latvia |

The Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the Hellenic Republic and The Image Gallery proudly present a retrospective of Latvian photographer Andrejs Grants titled Andrejs Grants: Photographs, 1980-2011.

Andrejs Grants (b.1955) is one of the most notable and prolific fine art black and white photographers in Latvia. He has earned his reputation due to his consistently high aesthetic standards, through international recognition as well as through his teaching work, where he conveys an understanding of photography and its possibilities. Grants has also participated in many international and deeply personal photographic projects, as well as in joint exhibitions, and has travelled widely. Likewise, he has also been the recipient of many prestigious grants and prizes.

The retrospective Andrejs Grants: Photographs, 1980-2011 combines selections from his ongoing series: Portraits; Around Latvia and Impressions.

Grants’ photographs appear as seemingly simple moments of reality recorded without pretension—friends’ faces, backs, a corner of a garden, a scene of a street or yard, a figure in a landscape or interior—however, he presents a different, unique view.

The retrospective will open on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 at 20:00 and last until April 6th, 2013.

21 March to 6 April

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