Ana Moura
Badminton Theater |

“If only the facts, the dates, the days, the numbers, if they could only explain what Ana Moura does, what Ana Moura “does” to us.

Back to the issue of our interest here, what happened in Ana’s career is just the visible sight of an unspoken art that Ana masters as few,

the strength, the feeling that has no maps or roads, and that to keep it simple we call soul, there lies the mystery.

That’s what Ana’s made of, and what makes her what she is; it’s this soul wrapped in poet’s words that her voice spreads.

But let’s keep it down to the mere facts to make it simple; the visible trail of Ana Mouras life and soul.”


The magic of FADO, is best represented by the Goddess of Portuguese tradition

14 – 20/06

Badminton’s  “Musical Courtyard”

Alsos Stratou, GOUDI

nearest metro station: Katehaki

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