Alkistis Protopsalti meets with Evanthia Rempoutsika
Pallas Theater |

Alkistis Protopsalti meets with Evanthia Rempoutsika  and merge their love for music with new songs on the stage of the Pallas.
Songs from the past to the present, in an irreconcilable program leading to an ablaze path, where we all would like to walk again, a program which will excite us with its passion, strength, emotion and sensitivity.
Evanthia through her great compositions and Alkistis through her always blooming voice, regenerate our forgotten emotions in total interaction with the audience, they merge their power and remind us that there is a part of Greece which will never be lost.
A voice, a violin and 7 wonderful musicians will make our heart beat  through the charming world of music, will touch our dreams and take us to Greece, Istanbul, Alexandria and the Balkans.
Through unique timbres, through melodies which go deep in the innermost part of our souls. A performance with the voice of Alkistis swirling gracefully and emotionally within the exquisite sound of Evanthias violin.

TICKET PRICES: 60€, 55€, 50€, 45€, 40€, 35€, 25€, 20€.

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16/12/2011 – 30/12/2011

Pallas thatre, Voukourestiou 5 Athens, tel.: 210 32 13 100
By credit card: 210 81 0 81 81
On-line reservations to: and

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