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The A.V. Alexandrov Russian army twice red-bannered academic song and dance ensemble, in short, the Alexandrov Ensemble is a performing ensemble that serves as the official army choir of the Russian armed forces. The ensemble consists of a male choir, an orchestra and a dance ensemble. The songs they perform range from Russian folk tunes to church hymns, operatic arias and popular music.

Twice Red Banner Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance Russia Army of the AV Alexandrov – the largest military art team Russia. His birthday is on October 12, 1928 – the day when the first performance of the team of 12 people in the Central House of the Red Army.

By the mid 30-ies the number of ensemble grew to 300 people, and his fame extended far beyond Russia. In 1978 the ensemble received the highest professional certification – in its 50 years it has become academic.

At present, the Ensemble 186 people. Of them, 9 soloists, male choir (64 people), orchestra (38), mixed dance group (35 people). All ensemble members have a special musical and choreographic education. The Chorus is recognized as one of the best male choirs in the world. It connects harmony and clarity of academic chapel with colorful emotion and spontaneity inherent in people’s performance, demonstrates the high vocal skills. The success of the choir, soloists and dance group is y dependent on flexible and graceful in his sound of the orchestra, which is unique in its composition.

The Choir (established Moscow 1926):

Most of its history been a male-voice choir of tenors and basses, based in Moscow and directed and conducted by Alexander V. Alexandrov from 1926 to 1946, by his son Boris A. Alexandrov from 1946 to 1987, and by various directors up to the present. It has always consisted of Soviet and then Russian Red Army personnel, and has been held to represent that army at home and abroad. Since the 1990s, female army personnel have occasionally been included in the choir as sopranos. Since 2007 boy sopranos and altos from the associated choir school have joined the choir for some of the time. But the choir consists mainly of vocal sections of tenor, baritone and bass.

The Orchestra:

In what became a typical composition for later generations of military ensembles in the Soviet Union, has a mixed composition of Russian traditional instruments and western instruments, including the balalaika, the domra, the bayan, the double bass, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments.

The Ballet:

Among the dances staged by the ensemble are Zaparozhtsi Dance, Cossack’s Cavalry Dance, Festive March, Dance of the Cossacks, Soldier’s Dance, and Sailor’s Dance. Some of these are performed by mixed dancers, while others, such as Cossack’s Cavalry Dance, are performed by male dancers only. The priority in its repertoire is taken by the military compositions: Matroskaya barynya, Kazachiya cavalry plyaska, Festive march, Invitation to dance and others. The ballet performs a lot of Russian folk dances. The classical repertoire contains Poloveckie plyasky from the opera Prince Igor written by Alexander Borodin. This is from the dance classics, but the dance repertoire is always updated.


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Badminton Theater

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