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LIVIN’ LOVIN’ is proudly sponsoring ACS Christmas Bazaar

LOTS of vendors with lots of different things. Jewelry, accessories, clothes, food stuffs, crafts and handmade items.

In the Food Hall there will be burgers, hotdogs, Mexican food and pancakes. There will also be warm soups and freshly made juices.
Hot chocolate and coffee can be enjoyed at out PTO Holiday Cafe and many delicious sweets, desserts and baked goods will be available from the PTO Bake Sale, located in the Holiday Cafe area.
Children will have the opportunity to have their photo taken with Santa. They can also visit the Kiddie Kraft Korner, where they can be signed in by their parents, to be occupied with holiday themed crafts, while their parents do their Christmas shopping. There will also be other games and activities available to them, which will be run by various school clubs in order to fundraise.
Finally, all and any unconsumed, perishable, food will be donated to charity.

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