Acropolis Museum celebrating Independence Day

The Acropolis Museum is celebrating the Independence Day in a very special way:
by displaying the 32nd metope of the Parthenon,which was restored at the museum for a year.
The metope was located on the southwestern side of the Parthenon and it is also known as the metope of the Annunciation, as it was believed to depict the Annunciation of  Virgin Mary.
This might have saved it from the destruction of the 5th century AD.
The museum will be open from 8am to 8pm and admission will be free.
As well as the display, there will be music at the museum, piano recitals, etc
After that: taste the typical dish of the day, bakaliaros with skordalia (fish croquettes with garlic sauce) and galaktoboureko.
A childhood memory that we share with all our friends is the first ice cream of the year that we were allowed to eat on the 25/3,thus marking the official beginning of the summer.

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