Absolute Ensemble – Kristjan Järvi

Absolute Bach Re-invented

Conductor Kristjan Järvi
Absolute Composers: Daniel Schnyder, Tom Trapp, Charles Coleman, Gene Pritsker, Matt Herskowitz and Mike Block.

With a Grammy nomination and the German Record Critics Prize to its name, the Absolute Ensemble can pride itself on the fact that today, it has made a great stir in serious music circles with its recordings. The creator of the classically-rooted hip Absolute Ensemble, Kristjan Järvi describes his group as musical omnivores, and never hesitates to invite exceptional musicians of all backgrounds among them, the pianist Simone Dinnerstein and Jazz great Joe Zawinul into the fold, to collaborate and improvise together. Absolute defy any form of categorization, fusing all genres of music in its appearances across the globe: from rock to Baroque, and incorporating everything from traditional Roma melodies to hip-hop in between. The Athens concert features guest soloists: Ensemble composers join forces with the intuitive piano of Ensemble pianist Matt Herskowitz and Guest soloists Dimitris Papatheodorou, piano andMiltiades Papastamou (“Artist in Residence”), Violin to present Bachs solo piano work with full instrumental force and development as Bach may (or may not) have intended.

source: greek

13 July 2010, 21:00

Benaki Museum

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