a three-day JAZZ marathon

At last! For the first time, the Athens Festival joins forces with Greek jazz.

Five groups of distinguished Greek jazz musicians — each unique in terms of musical output and style —are to join a renowned Afro-Cuban music trio in a three-day concert marathon.

The works composed by African American Joel LaRue Smith, combining Afro-Cuban dance rhythms with sensual jazz harmonies, are sure to make for a fruitful exchange with the Greek groups, and in particular with Takis Paterelis’ Cubana Bop, which explores similar avenues.Takis Barberis’ group marries jazz and funk elements with Greek and Balkan music; Trilogia are the epitome of Greek jazz; Human Touch is one of Greece’s best known jazz ensembles; and Stratos Vougas’ quartet offers a more contemporary take on jazz music. Together, they offer an excellent cross-section of the colourful Greek jazz scene

6 June 2010:     Takis Barberis Group, Human Touch & Trilogia

Peiraios 260, Stage E

Barberis Group/ 21:00

Andreas Polyzogopoulos, trumpet

Takis Barberis, guitar

Yiannis Kyrimkyridis, keyboard

Yorgos Georgiadis, bass

Michalis Kapilidis, drums

Trilogia /22:10 /

Yiorgos Trantalidis, drums

Yiotis Samaras, guitar

Yiorgos Kontrafuris, keyboard

Human Touch /23:15 /

David Lynch, saxophone, flute, whistles, voice, percussion

Yiotis Kiourtsoglou, bass, percussion

Stavros Lantsias piano, keyboard, drums, percussion, guitar, melodica

Sound: Giannis Tountas

7 June 2010:     Joel Larue Smith Trio & Stratos Vougas Quartet

Peiraios 260, Stage E

Stratos Vougas Quartet / 21.00

Stratos Vougas,  saxophone

Sami Amiris, piano

Giorgos Georgiades, bass

Alexandros Ktistakis, drums

Joel LaRue Smith Trio / 22.10

Joel LaRue Smith, piano

Will Maroni, bass

Tiago Michelin, drums

8 June 2010     Joel Larue Smith Trio & Cubana Bop

Peiraios 260, Stage E

Cubana Bop / 21.00

Takis Paterelis, saxophone
Manos Theodossakis, trumpet, flugelhorn
Antonis Andreou, trombone
Dimitris Sevdalis, piano
Dimitris Christopoulos, bass
Seraphim Bellos, drums
Enrique Bu Pasqual, percussion

Joel LaRue Smith Trio / 22.10
Joel LaRue Smith,  piano

Will Maroni,  bass

Tom Cardente,  drums

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