A popular Greek sweet

Today we are going to tell you about… a sweet  !!!  A very tasty and light sweet that is very popular among our foreign friends. It is called  rice pudding (rizogalo in Greek) and, as you can imagine, it is made with milk and rice.The best rizogalo in the northern suburbs can be found in three places,and we guarantee the quality after we have consumed a lot over the years!
at: 5 Kassaveti str. , Kifissia
(Varso’s first pastry shop. Photo taken in 1906)
at: 94 El.Venizelou str. , Nea Erythrea
at: 3 Petriti str. ,Drosia
All three have been around since we remember ourselves and are a dear part of our childhood memories.Visit them and taste all of their products, you will love them.

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