A photography exhibition worth seeing !

Is it possible for a photographic group to show it’s social solidarity and homage side?

Yes, is the answer of the “Athinaika kai mi..” group and they support this view actively by organizing a photography exhibition the proceeds of which will be entirely donated to the “ark of the world” (“Kivotos tou kosmou”) organization.

The photography exhibition will open on January the 20th, at the gallery “Kaplanon 5” (in the pedestrian alley Kaplanon, between Sina and Massalias street. There will be a collection of photographs (the price of which will be nominal) by the 1600 members of the group, amongst whom there are architects, university professors, journalists, writers, and professional photographers. They constitute a creative chain of art and culture related persons, a wide internet company, who have created a cultural forum with photographs from Athens and Greece in general, accessible to everyone.

JANUARY 20 to 25
Gallery “Kaplanon 5”
Kaplanon pedestrian,(in the pedestrian alley Kaplanon, between Sina and Massalias street

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