a love story between a street-car and a bicycle !
You know that the sea is very near Athens
Do  you also know that you can not only go and enjoy a walk by the seaside, but also hire a bike and ride along the coast?
Within the frame of the European Week of Transportation TRAM SA., the tramway organization, provides you with free bikes that you can hire for 2 hours from the TROKADERO tram station
only by showing an annulated ticket of that day ( bus, train, metro, etc) and by handing your ID or driving license, which will be returned to you when you return the bike.
Doesn’t it sound fun?
On weekdays you can do that 4-7pm and weekends 10am-3pm.
to 31/10/10
Trokadero tram station
main entrance of  FLISVOS MARINA
find out everything about the tram: http://www.tramsa.gr/index.cfm?lang_id=1

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