A lecture by the archtect Peter Sapp
Benaki museum Pireos str. | Goethe Institut Athen | Österreichische Botschaft | The Swiss Embassy in Athens |
Lecture by Peter Sapp, member of the austrian architectural firm Querkraft Architekten,  which constitutes part of a series of lectures on international architecture entitled “Contemporary Architecture in ALpine Europe: Austria-Germany-Switzerland”.
Wednesday 19/01/2011,
Athens, Greece
Benaki Museum
Liebe Freunde österreichischer Kultur!
Im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe über österreichische Architektur präsentiert DI Peter Sapp vom österreichischen Architekturbüro Querkraft ( am Mittwoch, 19. Jänner 2011, um 19.30 Uhr im Neuen Benaki Museum (Pireos Straße 138) die Arbeiten seines Büros.
Die Veranstaltung erfolgt in Zusammenarbeit der Österreichischen Botschaft Athen mit dem Hellenic Institute of Architecture ( und dem Neuen Benaki Museum ( 

Querkraft was founded in 1998 by four young architects graduated at the Technical University of
Vienna that decided to work together. Jakob Duknl, Gerd Erhartt, Peter Sapp, and Michael Zinner
(until 2004), who have different ways of interpreting architecture but one attitude towards the
world and the human beings living in it.

The name “Querkraft” (lateral force), is powerful and carries many different meanings. Kraft (force)
means young, strong, dependable, persevering, imaginative … and quer (lateral): constructive,
persistent, crossover, unconventional, at times rebellious but by no means stubborn or inflexible.

Querkraft architects have been engaged in various projects, such as shops, offices, restaurants,
private houses, factory buildings, public buildings etc. They have taken part in exhibitions held in
USA, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Brazil, Japan and China etc, and it has also
given lectures in Germany, England, Croatia, Switzerland, Luxemburg etc.

The philosophy of Querkraft Architects is:
_We work in a team. The art of lateral thinking starts our creative strategies. Personal diversities
broaden the horizons of our team.
_The human beings form the centre of our work. Architecture’s meaning is also its use. Planning is a
process, the client a partner.
_Architecture is art. Architecture is sustainable, appropriate and physical. Its beauty comes from
the inside. The content shapes the building.

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