8th Biennale of Young Greek Architects
Benaki museum Pireos str. |

The 8th Biennale of Young Greek Architects is taking place at one of the most critical periods of contemporary Greek history. This year’s 214 participants, during the crisis, are encouraging, as they are demonstrate a continuing interest on the part of young Greek architects towards the institution of the Biennale, an important stepping stone for the wider promotion of architecture.

In this sense, this Biennale is a barometer which records, not just new presences with interesting projects, but more importantly it indicates the more general directions and trends of contemporary Greek architecture. The selection committee has chosen 59 overall projects, half of which are built while the other half are not.

Looking towards the future we may say that Greek architecture, at least the one presented here by architects under 45, is being transformed towards multifarious directions, in relation to the topos, to the urban and natural landscape: More decentralized, less centered on house design, and more focused towards public space. It will be interesting to see if the next, 9th Biennale, will be able to express new ideas, through the current multifaceted crisis, which is neither merely local but European, nor merely economic but urban and environmental, even principles for architecture which may address our collective future. Young architects, obliged as they are to rediscover hope, do not easily resign in front of the crisis, and so they invite us to envision along with them an architecture which embodies our era and topos, while it remains steadfastly open and ecumenical. Prof. Elias Constantopoulos President of H.I.A.

Text by Prof. Elias Constantopoulos President of H.I.A.

Projects selection committee: Andreas Gacumacatos, Dimitris Issaias, Kostas Moraitis, Michalis Manidakis and Dionisis Sotovikis
Exhibition curator and design: Nadia Coula
Catalogue design and layout: Ioanna Kostika
Coordination: Marianna Milioni

18/09/2015 – 08/11/2015 (Opening: 17/09/2015, ώρα 20:00)


Benaki Museum
€ 4, € 2

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