8th Athens International Dance Festival
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The Athens International Dance Festival, organized by the City of Athens Cultural Organisation, has enjoyed a most successful course, leaving an indelible mark on the capital’s cultural events calendar each year.

The 8th festival, to be staged in the City of Athens Technopolis (100 Pireos St, Gazi) courtyard from July 1 to 18, will present some of Europe’s best dance troupes, once again with the same goal: to emphasise the way that contemporary dance, which is unencumbered by the techniques and principles of classical dance and the perspectives inspired by classical ballet which evolved in the early 20th century, today interests more and more people.

The Festival’s Artistic Director Margo Perdiki this year chose to invite three significant dance troupes, from Spain, Norway and Germany. The Gelabert Azzopardi Companyia de Danse from Barcelona will present the works “Sense fi” and “Conquassabit”, Norway’s Jo Stromgren Kompani will present “A Dance Tribute to the art of football” for the first time while Germany’s Folkwang Tanzstudio will present “Frauenballet” and “Schimmer”.

Greece’s Oktana Dance Theatre will participate once again in the Athens Festival (indeed throughout the festival), presenting Konstantinos Rigos’ latest work, entitled “Dressed Undressed”.

source: City of Athens

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    Hello Anna, and thank you for your email
    Please contact I think they can help you

  2. Anna says:

    in connection with your international folklore festival I am sending information about my ensemble. I am the manager of the group from Poland. Pls send me condiotions and terms if you are interested of my ensemble. I am planning next year. Best regards!

    Dworek Polski Ensemble

    Here is my page (photos and videos):


    Short history:
    Stowarzyszenie “Dworek Polski” is a non profit organization who’s goal is to inspire youth to pursue the art of Polish Folklore, especially Polish Nobility’s culture and tradition of Polish manor house. We learn young people and foster pride in Polish heritage. Most of the dances are from XVIII and XIX age with music composed by Polish musicians.

    What’s more we organizes folklore events in our Chojnice city called “On the trail of culture” (“Na Szlaku Kultur”) and concerts with music from the 20ths and 30ths of XX age “Cafeterias of Polish Songs” (“Kawiarenki Piosenki Polskiej”) which take place on our National Days.
    The qroup has worked since 2013 year and focuses on progressing to large performances worldwide to presrve the Polish heritage through music, dance and costumes.

    Best regards from Poland!

    Z poważaniem,
    Anna Piekarska
    +48 791-507-169.

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