May 4th – 29th | CAID, Athens | Previews

October 18th – 24th | Instituto Cervantes, Athens | Competition

November 19th – 20th | Cyprus University of Technology, Lemesos | Awarded Films

December 13th – 15th | Olympion Pavlos Zanas, Thessaloniki | Awarded Films

International Science Film Festival, being the only scientific film institution in Greece, gathers all up to date and high ranking productions from all around the world for a fourth year in a row. CAID –Societas, Scientia et Ars, founder and organiser of the festival – in an attempt to reach an even wider audience, presents this year more films than ever before, in five different spots in Athens and changes its structure in an attempt to bring science closer to more and varied people.

International Science Film Festival_Athens is the place to be if you work in non-fiction, scientific and factual entertainment. Whether you’re a producer, a broadcaster, a distributor, a scientist, an editor, a student, a professor, a journalist or one of any number of suppliers to the industry, you’ll want to be there – you NEED to be there!

The 1st International Science Film Festival ever held in Greece, Athens, was organized May, 2006 by CAID (Centre of Applied Industrial Design), a non-profit organisation. In fact, the festival’s success has strongly made us realize the great interest of the wider public in science and research. Those were the first step to ever have been made in Greece in order to disseminate science and try to make it comprehensive to everybody. The International Science Film Festival includes scientific films addressed to the main public. The festival’s concept provides a unique forum for the discussion of topical and thought-provoking scientific issues in a way that is much more relaxed, informal and accessible than a public lecture.

The whole idea of International Science Film Festival is to put scientists and scientific productions face to face with the public. It’s not about educating the public; it’s about giving people access to a side of science and research that they’re not normally given access to. The entrance is free and it is a beautiful chance to join science, research and culture using cinema as a vehicle.
The International Science Film Festival constitutes a new place of public dialogues exploring people’s aspirations, values and concerns for the science and technology of the future. No scientific background is necessary – just an interest in science. It provides an opportunity to debate the issues raised in an open forum whilst in a relaxed and informal environment.
To guarantee the quality of the Festival, CAID is always very cautious when choosing the Review Panel and Awards Jury members and invite well-known people from science communication, cinema and media accumulating experience during many years of hard work in the field.

The International Jury awards 4 films:

Best Film Prize
Innovation & Technology Prize
Art Prize
Science Communication Prize
Audience Prize

Even the selection of films for the competition is preceded by an accurate and systematic research that the Review Panel handles, thanks to its competence in science and cinema. The selection is so rigorous and the quality level so elevated, that the Festival’s prestige is known worldwide. If we glance at the list of over two hundred film titles that compete, we come across names of famous scientists, producers, film directors and artists.

The aim of the Festival was to display works of science otherwise unknown to the public, therefore filling the empty spaces left by the film distribution and the television system. The International Science Film Festival’s intent is fully achieved and its quality and originality will be a model for other important exhibitions in Greece. The Festival constitutes a significant science resource for Greece.



Full list of Participations:


October 18th – 24th |

Instituto Cervantes, Athens

23 Mitropoleos str.

nearest metro station: Syntagma

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