3rd Greek Jazz Panorama
Onassis Cultural Centre |
The 3rd Greek Jazz Panorama remains resolutely outward-looking, providing a forum once again for creative encounters between jazz musicians from Greece and abroad. For the third year running, therefore, the OCC will be hosting an eclectic mix of Eastern and Western influences, written and improvised forms of expression, acoustic and electric sounds.A constant feature of the Greek Jazz Panorama has been its openness to the international scene and its focus on facilitating collaborations between celebrated Greek musicians and important jazz musicians from abroad. But, then, how could it be otherwise at the OCC? Thus, in 2011, at the 1st Greek Jazz Panorama, three Greek combos engaged with three outstanding musicians from the Mediterranean, while the 2nd Greek Jazz Panorama brought Scandinavian musicians—and their impressive jazz scene—to Athens for a series of concerts with Greek jazzmen. This year, the Panorama will be showcasing a broad range of approaches from the domestic jazz and improvised music scene along with an equally varied selection of guest soloists. Balkan sounds, contemporary echoes of the third stream and free improvisation really will offer a panoramic view of jazz and its wealth of styles.Curator: Dimitris Trikas


107-109 Syngrou Avenue, 11745 Athens, Greece
Information/Tickets: 210 900 5 800,
Administration: 213 0 178000


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