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As every year, the central section of Panorama is dedicated to European Cinema, with programmes such as the long established Competition section with seven Greece premieres and prizes awarded by a five-member jury. In the programme of the festival are also included tributes to directors, world cinema premieres, as well as a series of hommages that will be announced shortly (among which the hommage to the leading actress Katina Paxinou).

Moreover, Panorama has recently established an Audience Prize awarded by a six-member committee consisting of Athinorama magazine readers.

In the framework of the 24th Panorama, there will also be a panel discussion in collaboration with the Hellenic Association of Film Critics (PEKK) titled: “Hellenic Cinema: Present and Future”.

The Screenings’ Calendar at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation:

Wednesday 26 October
5.30 pm SHORT FILMS EFA Ι 83΄ & FROM THE SNOW (1993) dir. Sotiris Goritsas (ΕΚ). 90΄
8.45 pm DODES’KA-DEN (1970) dir. Akira Kurosawa (ΑΚ). 140΄

Thursday 27 October
6.00 pm SHORTFILMS ΕFA ΙΙ 86΄ & END OF AN ERA (1994) dir. Antonis Kokkinos (ΕΚ). 98΄
9.30 pm RΑΝ (1985) dir. Akira Kurosawa (ΑΚ). 160’

Friday 28 October
5.30pm LOVE UNDER THE DATE TREE (1990) dir. Stavros Tsiolis (ΕΚ). 82΄
7.15 pm LOVERS BEYOND TIME (1990) dir. Dimitris Panayiotatos (ΕΚ). 85΄
8.50 pm ROCCO E I SUOI FRATELLI (1960) dir. Lucchino Visconti (ΚΠ). 168΄

Saturday 29 October
5.00 pm LOAF AND CAMOUFLAGE (1984) dir. Nicos Perakis (ΕΚ). 99΄
7.00 pm EVERY SATURDAY (1999) dir. Vasilis Vafeas (ΕΚ). 98΄
9.00 pm SHICHININ NO SAMURAI (1954) dir. Akira Kurosawa (ΑΚ). 207΄

Sunday 30 October
6.15pm THE TRIUMPH OF TIME (1996) dir. Vasilis Mazomenos (ΕΚ). 72΄
7.45 pm KATINA PAXINOU (Paraskinio – B part), (2001) 52΄ & MR. ARKADIN, (1955) dir. Orson Welles (ΚΠ). 93΄
10.30 pm RUN OF THE ARROW (1957) dir. Samuel Fuller (ΣΦ). 86΄

Monday 31 October
4.45 pm SHORT FILMS EFA ΙΙΙ 87΄ & DONUSA (1992) της Αγγελικής Αντωνίου (ΕΚ).84΄
7.50 pm U-TURN (1991) dir. Nikos Grammatikos (ΕΚ). 83΄
9.30 pm FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (1943) dir. Sam Wood (ΚΠ). 170΄

Tuesday 1 November
6.00 pm SHORT FILMS EFA ΙV, 72΄ & I DREAM OF MY FRIENDS (1993) dir. Nikos Panayiotopoulos (ΕΚ). 114΄
9.15 pm THE SPRING GATHERING (1999) dir. Dimos Avdeliodis (ΕΚ). 178΄

Wednesday 2 November
6.00 pm CRIMSON KIMONO (1959) dir. Samuel Fuller (ΣΦ). 82΄
8.00 pm RED BEARD (1965) dir. Akira Kurosawa (ΑΚ). 185΄

A: Avant Premiere
Δ: Competition Section
ΣΦ: Samuel Fuller
ΑΚ: Akira Kurosawa
ΚΠ: Katina Paxinou
ΕΚ: Greek Cinema

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Ticket pre-sales available at PUBLIC stores.

Public Open hours:
Saturday, 09:00 – 20:00
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Hall: Cinema

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26 October to 2 November 2011.

Address: Piraeus 206, Tavros, Athens
Information +30 210-3418550

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