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A guided tour at to Ancient Agora, Stoa Attalou, and Thission
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The guided tour at the Ancient Agora was one of the most interesting and successful tours…
…After the tour, we went to the food festival at Technopolis Gazi,

A new cooperation that will change your perspective of guided tours

…At once I found myself surrounded by an enthusiastic and dynamic group of people, which widened in the blink of an eye. All of them, ‘as one long prepared…’ Scholars, intellectuals, artists, people in local government and pro-active citizens embraced ‘DIAZOMA’. Fellow-citizens who have decided that the research, study, protection, enhancement and, wherever feasible, the use of ancient theatres and other venues for spectators and listeners, such as ancient odeia and stadia, are also their concern…

Top 10 Things to Do on International Museum Day |

Free entry to museums and ancient sites on May 18 plus a jumbo program that really does have something for everyone. Check out just a few highlights from the program with everything from lectures, guided tours, workshops, live music concerts and performances and a smorgasbord of surprises.

Our next guided tour: Ancient Agora, Stoa Attalou, and Thission

A Guided tour in the open
Ancient Agora, Stoa Attalou, and Thission on the 9/05.

Antikythera Shipwreck – New Discoveries
Greek Reporter |

Despite the official attempt to keep a lid on the discoveries of the latest Antikythera shipwreck expedition, some details from a video showing the new discoveries have been leaked

European Heritage Days 2014

Entrance to archaeological sites and museums will be free of charge
27 & 28 September 2014

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