“Troades” by Euripides
City of Athens Cultural Center |

One of the most well known tragedies that have been saved was chosen to be presented using as a guide its strong timelessness. The suffering caused by war and the calamities of being a refugee has always been a part in the history of humanity since the Trojan War until today and unfortunately, it goes beyond geographic borders. Any kind of authority that is exercised with arrogance has had, has and will have disastrous consequences for the people.

In 415 b.c, Euripides chooses to talk about all this through the eyes of the women captives of Troy, that are getting ready, as slaves, to abandon their motherland and follow the Greek victors to a new, unknown land. The sharpness of the denunciation along with the touching poetic sensitivity, distinguish the play as one of the masterpieces not only of the Greek drama, but of the international cultural heritage.

Translation by: Padelis Boukalas
Direction by: Vangelis Theodoropoulos
Choreographies by: Aggeliki Stellatou
Set-costume design by: Aggelos Medis
Music by: Takis Farazis
Lighting design: Sakis Birbilis
Assistant director: Anna Tsapara

Ekavi: Lydia Koniordou
Talthivios: Giannis Tsortekis
Andromache: Maria Kallimani
Cassandra: Maria Kitsou
Menelaus: Mihalis Economou
Athena: Ioanna Kanellopoulou
Eleni: Amalia Tsekoura
Poseidon: Orestis Tziovas
Demetra Larentzaki, Aimilia Valvi, Irini Tzanetoulakou, Elita Kounadi

Admission: 10 €

Tickets are sold at the City of Athens Cultural Centre (50 Academias st), Monday to Friday 9:00-14:30 (tel. 210 3612920).

Tickets will be sold at the “Dora Stratou” Theatre only on the day of the performance 19:00-21:00.

Contact information: 

1595, 210 3621601, 210 3630706

Place: Dora Stratou Theatre

Address: Filopappou Beltway

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