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“The children paint for athletics”
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The exhibition of the Panhellenic Painting Contest titled “The Children Paint for Athletics is presented at the Athens National Gallery organized by the Athens Municipal Child Care Center as part of participating in the European program “You need exercise”.

The painting contest was made possible due to the support of the National Kapodistrian University and especially the Laboratory for Assisted Kinetic Activities / Developmental & Kinetic Ailments (TEFAA). Its aim is the spreading of the need for daily exercise and the promotion of children’s health in European Cities, as 2.200 children participated completing individual projects, from Day Care Centers at 54 cities in the country.

Exhibited in the hall are 400 pieces, while the rest are projected on screen. The most representative pieces will be awarded at a special ceremony, by a committee made up of personalities from the arts, culture, athletics and science.

Day Care Centers can arrange a visit by calling 210 3313038.

 During their visit at the Gallery, the children will have the chance to participate in an hourly education program on the subject of physical exercise. The program was prepared and will be carried out by the music educationalists of the City of Athens Gallery.


to 31/1/11

 Contact information: 210 3231841
Place: Municipal Art Gallery
51 Peireos st

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