“One World” by BOZENA OLAK

HE The Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Dr. Michal  Klinger
and the Mayor of the Municipality of Melissia, Mr. Manolis Grafakos
in co-operation with:
 the President of Make-a-Wish Hellas
Mrs. Gabriela Kalini Petsetakis,
the President of the Greek Alliance for Rare Diseases (PESPA)
 Mrs. Marianna Lambrou,
and the President of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Hellas
Mrs. Marilena Sotiropoulou,  
invite you to the opening ceremony of the exhibition
 “One World”
featuring works by the artist
at the Art and Culture Centre of Melissia (15, 17th November Str., Melissia)
on Friday 10th  December 2010 at 20:00
The exhibition will be open on 11th and 12th December 2010,
  Opening Hours 10:00-21:00 
A substantial part of the sales will be donated to the above named
co-operating organisations.



BOZENA OLAK began to show her pieces of art in the seventies in artgalleries in Warsaw. With the beginning of the eighties she participated with her works in art exhibitions organised by the Art Polonia for young artists in the USA, Holland, Germany and Sweden. Some of her paintings from these years are found in the National Museum in Poland, Washington, Germany, Holland and other countries all over the world. In 1986 -on competition basis- she was approved as an Art Painter by the Polish Ministry of Culture & Art. Her works were regularly reproduced in the RSW annual calendar publications, including the most common series of child portraits, winter landscapes and flowers. In 1987 she had already achieved the 2nd prize award in the International Art Competition held in Dusseldorf, Germany. Since 1987, Bozena Olak has been living in Greece, continuing her artistic passions inspired by the rich nature,culture and wonderful ancient world of this country. She is an active member of the Association of the Artists of Greece (The Appelis), the Panhellenic Association of Literature and Art (ΠΕΛΤ) and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). Since the year 1998 she has been awarded over than 50 diplomas, including 1st and 2nd prize awards for her admirable contributions in National Hellenic competitions, including the ‘ΠΟΛΥΠΤΥΧΟ’ critics award for her presentation of fine art with hellenic inspirations. Bozena Olak’s most recent 1st prize was awarded in December 2008 for her outstanding fine art in the “Parnassos”, the Panellenic Exhibition of Fine Arts. Bozena Olak is not only known for her contribution to the art world, but also from her continual impassioned devotion and support to many international and charitable organisations.


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