“Josè Van Roy Dali homage to Salvador Dali” (to: 23/05)
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The City of Athens presents the exhibition of modern art “José Van Roy Dali homage to Salvador Dali” with art pieces by José Van Roy Dali which pays tribute to his father Salvador Dali. The Cultural Organization and the Mayor of Athens Mr. Nikitas Kaklamanis, through this important exhibition, continue their efforts for the upgrading of our city’s cultural life. In this exhibition the work of the famous painter José Van Roy Dali is presented, who displays his very personal paintings as well as paintings which he has clearly been influenced by his father’s style, Salvador Dali. So, the public will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, especially young children, for a pleasant tour to the colourful passages of José Van Roy Dali through his personal, subconscious and dreamlike impressions.

José Van Roy Dali mentions: “Among the 55 paintings displayed in the exhibition, I included some paintings of my father, some of which are inspired by the city of Athens”. Closing, he adds: “I would like to make a reference to the famous maxim, that Greece and Italy are una facca una racca, paraphrasing it partly, saying that Italy-Greece-Russia and Spain (the last two because of my parents), are the same person and the same culture.

Curator of the exhibition is Mag. Milena Wildenauer.

The 55 paintings that will be displayed in the exhibition, cover a wide range of José Van Roy Dali’s artistic career and show his simplicity as a human and an artist. He is convinced that the miracle surrounding us is nature, although we often don’t realize it, as we are occupied with other things and we don’t have the time to meditate and appreciate aesthetics in general. In the paintings displayed the visitor can observe the way that the artist perceives and re-examines the many dimensions of things, as well as his aim to transmit to the observer, through his work, the same emotions he felt for each of his paintings.

According to the artist, his primary wish, similar to that of many other artists, who express themselves through various cultural and artistic branches such as poetry, literature, cinema and other, is to approach through his message, the maximum number of people and transmit directly in the best possible way, his creative understanding, a different way to talk about love through painting. However, as the artist himself notes, creating art does not necessarily mean to seek the approval and attention of the public, but it means dedication, passion and above all the desire to make people smile without asking for anything in return.

For the duration of the exhibition educational programs will take place for students and museum educators. To schedule an appointment the contact numbers are 210 7232604 & 210 7224238.

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