“Greek Colors Abroad”
City of Athens Cultural Center |

A grand fine arts exhibition by thirty young artists is presented by the City of Athens Cultural Organization. The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the participation of thirty young Greek artists in the grand international fine arts exhibition taking place in Washington, at the “John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts”.

Opening: Wednesday 30 June 2010, time 20:00
Opening hours: Daily 10:00-20:00 and Sunday 10:00-14:00

Artistic Director for the event is the renowned curator Mihail Romanos. Specifically, Mihail Romanos curates the Greek participation of the artists at the international exhibition in Washington, and chose representative works by the artists participating in this magnificent group exhibition of more than seventy works of art, succeeding in combining harmoniously the different styles of the participating artists.

The artists were selected from their participation in this year’s grand exhibition at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organized by the Athens Fine Arts Festival, under the artistic direction of Mihail Romanos.

The thirty artists participating are the following: Chloe N. Amaradou, Nancy Anastopoulou, Aggeliki Vaianou, Nafsika Vasileiou, Anny Giavasian, Athanasia Giaxidou, Demetra Goutziotou, Damianos, Maria-Theodora Dimaki, Eirini Efthimaki, Maria Zavitsanou, Katerina Kaloumenou, Elena Kozokarou, Vinia (Klimanthia) Kodoxaki, Thomai Kodou, Magda Kourkoulou, Nikos Lambrinos, Andonia Mantzouka, Stavros Moshopoulos, Eleni Baziotou, Kalli Bellou, Mihail Romanos, Eva Soldatou, Eirini Spyridaki, Dionysis Stergiou, Poly Tsakiri, Katerina Tsitsela, Agape Hatzi

All the art work of the exhibition is projected digitally by the website which promotes cultural events “Dromena Syghronis Tehnis kai Politismou”, at the same time as the exhibition and will last for a month.

30/06/2010 – 09/07/2010

Contact information: 210 3452150

Place: Municipality of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina”

Address: 66 Iraklidon & Thessalonikis str, Thissio (METRO stop: Kerameikos)

source: City of Athens

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