“Color in the Land of our Times”
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The dramatic situation that our country faces nowadays – and on the occasion of the book – poem “Land of our times” by Giorgos Douatzis – is illustrated by 24 painters through their artworks in avisual-art – poetic event entitled “Color in the Land of our times” at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. The exhibition opens on Monday, the 19th of March, at 20:00, and will take place untilTuesday, the 3rd of April 2012. A large amount of the artworks selling turnover will be offered by the artists in favor of the financial support of the underprivileged people of the Municipality of Moschato – Tavros.

The artists participating (in alphabetical order) are:
Agelidis Nikos, Amarantos Michalis, Vatanidis Stathis, Giagianos Apostolos, Giannakaki Maria, Drougas Achilleas, Kana Rena, Karas Christos, Katsadiotis Christoforos, Katsoulidi Marianna, Kontellis Andreas, Lazogas Giorgos, Martinou Eleanna, Masteropoulos Giannis, Metzikof Giannis, Mpotsoglou Chronis, Nikolaou Andreas, Rinas Vagelis, Samios Pavlos, Sarakatsianos Christos, Skoula Maria, Skoulakis Dimos, Psychaki Myrto, Psychopedis Giannis

The art historian Ira Papapostolou, who is the curator of the exhibition, writes, among others, in the catalogue: “Twenty four artists, the tragic situation our country goes through and the book-poem Land of our times by Giorgos Douatzis. Three starting points, one encounter, a prolific dialogue.

Visual artists of different generations, styles, approaches, choose lines from the poem, they commune with it and they transform it into images. The poetic work is shared through the hands of the artists and shapes another form. Realism, expressionism, conceptual art, surrealism, abstract art encounter and recompose the Land of our Times, a land with its winners as well as its defeated, with its dark as well as its light, with the masks of its sorrow, however, with its hope as well.”

Giorgos Douatzis highlights among others in the exhibition’s catalogue: “When I was writing by the end of 2009 the “Land of our Times”, which was published in 2010, I couldn’t imagine the extreme worsening of that multisided crisis which emerged only as financial, but I consider it as natural transformation of the culture, society, politics, even national entity crisis. As another bad fortuneteller I see unfortunately, now, all my lines being reality, I see my land getting more dark, I see human pain, despair, lack of democracy and rage overflowing. This exhibition attempts to become a little yelling of reminder, compassion and solidarity.”

From Monday 19 March to Tuesday 3 April 2012

Hours: Mon. – Sun. 18:00 – 22:00

Opening Day: Monday the 19th of March at 20:00

Information at the Foundation’s Box Office (Piraeus 206, Tavros) and over phone 210 3418579 Mon-Fri 11:00 – 14:00

Hall: Exhibition Area 1st Floor


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