‘Natural Greece’

An exhibition of paintings and etchings inspired by the
natural world of Greece by British artist Judy Attwood at
The ‘Gallery Café, Adrianou 33, Monastiraki.

Judy’s work explores elements of the Greek landscape with a strong focus on
animals, plants and flowers. A transient flower or an animal living in harmony
with its natural environment, reminds us of the delicate balance that exists in
nature. In her art Judy hopes to evoke a relationship with the human experience
of places and objects.
The traditional technique of etching is used to create limited edition hand-pulled
prints using oil based inks and acid free paper. Soft tonal changes and a myriad
of detailed lines create the atmospheric quality in Judy’s etchings. Paintings full
of colour and light use high quality acrylics and watercolour paints to create
rich luminous results which lighten the soul in the dark days of winter.
As well as creating her own artwork Judy is involved with art education and
has taught in schools and art colleges in both the UK and Greece. Her work has
been exhibited in England and Greece and can be found in private collections
around the world.
Tel – 6948846938
The Gallery Café – Tel – 210 3249080
From 1st December till 15th January

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