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«Little Prince II» & «Evolution»
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«Little Prince II»

Planetarium Show

Duration: 20΄

After wandering the Universe and travelling to Earth, the Little Prince returns home to Asteroid B612, only to realize that his beloved rose is missing! Along with the fox, his trusted companion, the Little Prince wanders to the planets of Time, Sheppard and Music, firmly believing that he will discover what he is seeking. “Little Prince II” is a moving story that will appeal to all children, a fascinating tale of the night dream of a child.

(Production: nWave Pictures, 2011)

program from 1/11 to 29/01


Planetarium Show

Duration: 40΄

2500 years after the pre-Socratic philosophers first started to look for rational explanations of the natural phenomena, humanity’s scientific endeavor has led us to a fascinating conclusion: that every living organism, every planet and star, the Universe itself are all subject to the concept of Evolution. Eugenides Planetarium’s latest production “Evolution” attempts to capture this all-encompassing concept by inviting its audience on a fascinating journey. From ancient Miletus, where pre-Socratic philosopher Thales laid the foundations for the scientific investigation of the physical world, to the birth and the large scale expansion of the Universe, from stellar evolution to the geologic history of our planet and the emergence and evolution of life, from the rise and demise of some of the great civilizations of the past to our modern civilization and beyond, “Evolution” narrates the fascinating story of Change.

(Production: Eugenides Foundation, Eyelead 2011)

program from 1/11 to 29/01


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