Μιλάτε Ελληνικά ; (do you speak Greek?)
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When people ask you “μιλάτε ελληνικά;” (do you speak Greek) ,what do you say?

You can ask, of course, “do you speak English?” and, most of the times, get “yes” for an answer.
HOWEVER : why not learn one of the most ancient languages of the world, and discover the roots of many words, used in many other languages?
We know how to do that!
We’ve been doing it for 20 years now. We teach companies, embassies, individuals, from beginner to high level.
We have experienced stuff and adapt our material to your specific needs, whether they are professional or everyday.
We plan conversation groups, we do literature classes, visits to markets, and all sorts of activities that will help you improve your Greek and, when asked ” do you speak Greek?”,
answer happily “yes!”
Book your lessons now, that we are planning new classes !
by e-mail: info@livinlovin.gr
land line: 210-8077073
cell: 6937073699

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